CNBP visits RMITs new Micro Nano Facility

August 23 2014:  Our design a2014-08-26 14.59.58ward for the new Research Facilities at the RMIT Node of CNBP

Members of CNBP received a behind the scenes tour of the new Micro Nano Research Facility at RMIT.

Over a 1000 square meters of newly refurbished labs houses leading edge equipment for research in the area of chip technologies and biosciences. Among those is a is a focused ion beam system and a cutting edge STORM microscope. RMIT have invested over $35M in these Facilities.

The Faciolity boasts riveting architectural design including glass panels which turn opaque at a flick of a switch, walls which appear to be floating in air, mood lighting and a crisp all-white décor with a mirror ceiling. All of this will be seen only by those who cross the Facility air locks.

The official launch of the Facility is scheduled to take place on August 24 2014.