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Sponsorship from BMG for Nanoscale BioPhotonics workshop

sanam Mustafa28 August 2014: Thank-you BMG

Dr Sanam Mustafa has secured $1000 in sponsorship from BMG LABTECH for Nanoscale BioPhotonics workshop to be hosted in Melbourne in Dec 2014.

BMG LABTECH is a leading global developer and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality, and reliable microplate reader instrumentation.
BMG LABTECH has been committed to producing microplate readers for more than twenty years. By focusing on the needs of the scientific community, the company’s innovative microplate readers have earned the company the reputation of being a technology leader in the field. BMG LABTECH has developed a wide range of dedicated and multi-mode microplate readers for life sciences applications and high-throughput screening.

This sponsorship has strengthened the links between BMG LABTEC and the CNBP.

Best Oral Presentation Award at Society for Reproductive Biology Conference

Mel McDowell24-27 August 2014: Conference presentation

Dr Melanie Sutton-McDowall presented at the Society for Reproductive Biology Conference.  This presentation entitled “The heterogeneous nature of cow embryos: sorting out the mixed bag of blastomeres” was awarded the Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) New Scientist Award (oral presentation).  For more information please click here to see the abstract.

In addition Dr McDowall was a member of the conferences program organising committee; Introduced for the public forum “Making babies in the 21st Century” and co-organiser of “Science meets publican” – a 60 second elevator pitch competition

A/Prof Mark Hutchinson visits University of Melbourne

Mark Hutchinson8 August 2014: Invited Seminar at the University of Melbourne

A/Prof Mark Hutchinson visited the University of Melbourne, delivering a seminar on the topic: What is the Role of “The Other Brain” in Chronic Pain? In this seminar he reviewed the recent discoveries of how innate immune signalling within the brain and spinal cord facilitate persistent pain.  These neuroimmune contributions to persistent pain have significant implications for how we view sex differences in pain and pharmacologically intervene to treat, rather than manage persistent pain.

CNBP visits RMITs new Micro Nano Facility

August 23 2014:  Our design a2014-08-26 14.59.58ward for the new Research Facilities at the RMIT Node of CNBP

Members of CNBP received a behind the scenes tour of the new Micro Nano Research Facility at RMIT.

Over a 1000 square meters of newly refurbished labs houses leading edge equipment for research in the area of chip technologies and biosciences. Among those is a is a focused ion beam system and a cutting edge STORM microscope. RMIT have invested over $35M in these Facilities.

The Faciolity boasts riveting architectural design including glass panels which turn opaque at a flick of a switch, walls which appear to be floating in air, mood lighting and a crisp all-white décor with a mirror ceiling. All of this will be seen only by those who cross the Facility air locks.

The official launch of the Facility is scheduled to take place on August 24 2014.


New international grant

dayong jin August 2014: National Nature Science Foundation of China

Congratulations to A/Prof Dayong Jin for the recently announced grant “upconversion nanomaterials for super resolution nanoscopy from the  National Nature Science Foundation (NNSF) of China.  The grant of 200k RMB for 2 years was awarded under the International Collaboration Visiting Professorship Award Scheme in collaboration with Prof Peng Xi at Peking University.


CNBP ECR Network Commences

CNBPlogoSquare21 August 2014: CNBP ECR Network

Early career researchers from University of Adelaide Node held their first meeting with the goal of breaking down the language barriers between disciplines.  Meetings will be hosted monthly with the goal of linking in with ECRs at other nodes in the future.

If you would like find out more about the ECR network please contact Sabrina Heng