Novel polymer functionalization method for exposed-core optical fiber

Roman Kosctecki Low Res Edit 0145

3 July 2014: Publication in Optical Society of America

Novel polymer functionalization method for exposed-core optical fiber

Authors: by Roman Kostecki,  Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem, Shahraam Afshar,  GrantMcAdam, Claire Davis, and Tanya M. Monro

Abstract: We report on a one step functionalization process for optical
fiber sensing applications in which a thin film (∼50 nm) polymer doped
with sensor molecules is applied to a silica exposed-core fiber. The method
removes the need for surface attachment of functional groups, while
integrating the polymer, silica and sensor molecule elements to create a
distributed sensor capable of detecting an analyte of interest anywhere
along the fiber’s length. We also show that the thin film coating serves a
protective function, reducing deterioration in the transmission properties of
the silica exposed-core fiber, but increasing loss.