Reaching out across the disciplines to high school students

Ewa with students25 June 2014: Engaging with high school students

Today professor Ewa Goldys from the MQ Node of CNBP was busy showing the miracle of laser-based holography to a work experience student Amelia Caleye from the Performing Arts High School (Newtown High) (left). Colleagues from the Faculty of Human Sciences Jane Franklin (right) and Travis.Wearne (PhD/Masters of Clinical Neuroscience) were very happy to join as well.

Macquarie has one of the world’s largest holograms on permanent display. It is entitled “To absent friends” and it represents a scene inside of a pub before during and at the end of the party night in 1986 (incidentally, attended by our Node Director, Professor Jim Piper). It was created by an artist Paula Dobson in 1989.