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Inspiring the next generation

fluroesence - from Jim piper225-27 June – Work Experience Students visit CNBP labs

Belinda Thompson – a Year 10 student from Immanuel College spent 3 days working with CNBP Research Officer Ms Lesley Ritter observing and participating in bovine ovary aspiration, oocyte collection, bovine IVF, mouse IVF, and western blotting.


New capabilities for Macquarie Node

A pieve of hardware which can be used for chmical sensing inside the body 18 June 2014: Macquarie takes delivery of their first piece of CNBP hardware for chemical sensing inside the body

This week, Prof Ewa Goldys (Deputy Director, CNBP and Program Co-leader “DETECT”) took delivery of the first piece of CNBP hardware for nanoscale chemical sensing in the body. The system shown in the photo taken in Ewa’s office is an ophthalmological fundus camera for eye inspection provided by Dr. Chandra Bala (PersonalEYES, Sydney).

The system will be reconfigured to provide expanded spectral (hyperspectral) capabilities and it will be used to provide detailed maps of chemical composition of various regions of the human eyes such as the optic nerve. The new system is expected to provide novel insights into the spatial distribution of macular pigment in the eye, early diagnostic of glaucoma, neurodegenerative diseases of the eye as well as ocular surface neoplasias. With this technology Ewa and her team have already been able to detect unique features of cultured retina cells, including world’s first label-free detection of cytochrome C.

Collaborative work is planned with CNBP partners at the City University of London, (Prof Tong Sun, Prof John Barbur) and Dr Chandra Bala (personalEYES).  The system will also support ongoing collaboration with Prof Stuart Graham, Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Science, at the Australian School of Advanced Medicine and his research Associate Dr Yuyi Yu.

Prof Ewa Goldys honored with visiting appointment

Prof Ewa GoldysJune 2014: Heart Research Institute

Prof Ewa Goldys honored with a visiting appointment at the Heart Research Institute in recognition of her joint research with Prof Pauil Pilowsky, an internationally renowned expert on cardiovascular regulations and neurotransmitters involved at key synapses in the brainstem and spinal cord.

CNBP visits City University London

City University London logo  9 June 2014:  Professor Tanya Monro delivers seminar at City University London

Professor Tanya Morno visited Partners at City University London, delivering a seminar:  New directions in photonics down under.

This presentation reviewed recent research highlights from the Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing at The University of Adelaide including new optical materials developments, novel fabrication techniques and new laser and sensor architectures. The vision for the new ARC Centre of Excellence in Nanoscale Biophotonics – a $38M Centre headquarters in Adelaide with nodes in Sydney and Melbourne – was also  presented.